Happy Labor Day

Happiness is always having a holiday to look forward to. It is even better when the holiday falls on a Monday, meaning a longer weekend!

Labor Day however is so much more than a well-deserved day off. It is an opportunity to celebrate laborers’ significant contributions to the economic growth of a country. The strength of the working class in building the nation. And while at it, appreciating those who went before us to fight for the labor rights we enjoy today.

At Adevia Health, we are privileged to be making a significant contribution to the United States healthcare labor market through recruitment of internationally educated registered nurses to health care facilities across the country. Labour Day is therefore not just any other holiday for us as we take great pride in what we do. This Labour Day we are not only celebrating our nurses but also the diligent team that relentlessly works behind the scenes to support nurses in the pursuit of their American dream.

From the studious NCLEX- RN tutors that help to prepare the nurses for the arduous NCLEX exam to the Processing Officers that carry them through the licensure process. The Applications team that handles the numerous applications and ensures prompt payments.

The Immigration officers that walk them through the daunting immigration process. The entire clinical team that facilitates liaison between nurses and the client healthcare facilities. The finance team that takes care of accounting and bookkeeping. The system support team without whom all systems would be chaotically out of place. The admin that gets our noses off work once in a while by updating and keeping us informed. Not at all forgetting the very able management that ensures smooth running of all operations.

Last but not least, the industrious support staff that ensures the team stays well caffeinated throughout the day as they work in nothing but immaculate spaces! The entire team’s hard work continues to see the successful deployment of many nurses to the US. They attribute their success to great teamwork and the friendly working environment that has been enabled by effective leadership and management. A management that has also worked to cultivate a ‘work hard-play hard’ culture that ensures not just professional growth but also personal enjoyment. This way, the team is greatly motivated and consistently puts their best foot forward even through challenging situations.

This Labour Day, we not only celebrate and appreciate their significant contribution to the growth and success of Adevia Health but also their unwavering commitment to see the company realize its goals and vision.

Happy Labor Day!

Published On: September 4th, 2023Categories: Holiday
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