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Glory is from Malawi. She describes her USRN journey as nothing short of amazing. She credits the entire team for her success. A brilliant nurse by all means if the 2 DAISY awards she has won so far are anything to go by.

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1. What was your motivation to pursue nursing as a career?

Growing up, I liked how nurses dressed in an all-white uniform. I thought to myself, ‘They look so clean and smart’ and I wanted to be like them. In my secondary school years, my father read a book to us (my sister and I) – Medical Missionaries written by Ellen G White. She says in the book, ‘The health worker works with God or assists God in healing people,’ and I immediately knew I wanted to be one of the people working with God in healing diseases.

2. Briefly describe how your journey to becoming a USRN with Adevia has been

My journey with Adevia has been awesome. In the beginning, it felt like it was full of uncertainty but towards the end, it was amazing. The guidance and coaching for NCLEX, the immigration process to deployment and finally settling in. Adevia Health USA staff have been kind, patient, motivating, hospitable and resilient. And all that made my journey so much better than it would have been.

3. What was your favorite part of the Adevia program?

My favorite part of the journey was the time I spent one week in South Africa with colleagues from other African countries preparing for NCLEX. We had the best group, the best tutors, wonderful accommodation, and the best food. It was a nerve-wracking time knowing the exam that will determine our future is so close but it turned out marvellous because of all the experiences we shared. And we all passed, all 5 of us in our group.

4. How did you feel when you finally got your green card?

Getting my green card was the most exciting moment. It was a miracle to me. I have had family members travel and live abroad and they told me how difficult it was to attain residency status overseas. I never imagined I would obtain it so easily while I was still in Malawi.

5. Where are you currently placed? (Hospital and State) and how has your experience been so far?

I currently live and work in Savannah Georgia USA. I am working at Memorial Health University Medical Center as a Registered nurse and Clinical Nurse Coordinator for my unit (Trauma Med Surg). It has been fabulous, amazing, wonderful, magnificent, all the good words you can use to describe it. The team I work with is awesome and my managers are great! So far I have got 2 Daisy Awards.

All I can say is I’m more than grateful to God, my parents and my sister, Adevia Health USA, the Memorial Health 5 South team, and my friends. They have all been so good to me.

Adevia Health USA is a proud partner of The DAISY Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to recognizing extraordinary nurses for their skill, kindness, and compassion provided to their patients and families.

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Published On: May 16th, 2024Categories: Health, NCLEX, Team
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