Celebrating South Africa’s Heritage Day

Heritage Day is a public holiday in South Africa, commemorated every 24th day of September to celebrate the country’s natural heritage and diverse culture.

South Africa, often referred to as the ‘Rainbow Nation’ is composed of various cultures, traditions, and heritage. Heritage Day is set aside to celebrate all that brings these different cultures together despite the differences. South Africans celebrate this day by visiting heritage sites, concerts, and festivals, spending time with family bonding over banter, and of course, barbeque, locally known as, ‘Braai’.

At Adevia Health, South Africa, we acknowledge and appreciate the diversity of different cultures regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, and religion. For this year’s Heritage Day, we sought to find out from our South African nurses and staff, what aspects of the country’s heritage are important to them.

The warmth and friendliness in my community is the best part of my culture.”
 “Everyone must visit The Voortrekker monument at least once in their lifetime”
 “Milk tart and Koeksisters are my favourite cultural meals”
 Favourite phrase/quote from your language: ”Wat die hart van vol is oop die mond van voor’”

Lene Wessels –
Director of Education, Adevia Health

“What I love most about my culture is our clothing and food. Our homemade traditional beer called umqombothi and ginger beer are a must-have!
“Internationally renowned Sun City in Rustenburg is a must visit while in South Africa.”
“Favourite cultural food: Porridge called Ting and tŝhotlo with spinach. Yummy😋 “
“Seng kganang se nthola morwalo” to means, ‘’No argument takes my burden off me’’ is one of my favourite phrases from my language.”

Kefilwe- Nurse

“I love that I get to enjoy the best of two traditions, having married into another culture.”
“We enjoy watching cricket and rugby for sports and recreation.”
“Big on food; Mutton bunny chow from my side of the tradition and Pap, sauce and Braai meat from the other side.”
Favourite phrases from my language; “Namaskaram” means “Hello” in Telugu and “Hoe gaan dit?” means “How are you?” in Afrikaan

JB- Nurse

“The Amatshitshi emhlangeni or Umkhosi womhlanga is the best part of my culture. It brings together unmarried girls of the community, teaching them about the Zulu culture and traditions.”
“Favourite cultural spot- Credo Mutwa Cultural Village for a chance to explore African culture, mythology, architecture and folklore.”
“Favourite cultural food-  Mputhu and Inyama yenhloko(Head of a cow & Hard papa)”
“Favourite phrase in Zulu language- ‘Kubi’ to mean, ‘It’s bad’”

Hlengiwe- Nurse

Happy Heritage Day, South Africa.

Happy merry-making as you celebrate your rich, diverse and lovely culture with friends and family.
Published On: September 22nd, 2023Categories: Holiday
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